Steph is a qualified yoga teacher from Sydney, Australia.


Steph teaches a style of vinyasa yoga that is playful and uplifting, often infusing elements of dance and self-expression through rhythmic, mindful movement. She encourages her students to tune into the mind-body connection and explore perceived physical and mental limitations to awaken their true potential... both on and off the mat. 


Steph was first introduced to yoga as a young child, by her parents who practiced Ki Yoga and Shiatsu massage. However it was her discovery of vinyasa yoga that sparked a real personal commitment for the dynamic practice. Developing physical strength and a spiritual connection to the practice, yoga became a moving meditation to express energy and release tension.

Discovering that our yoga practice often reflects how we live in the world, Steph was inspired to teach yoga to help others be more conscious and kind in their everyday life. In 2015 she completed a 350-hour vinyasa yoga teacher training with Nicole Walsh and Rod Galbraith at InYoga, including asana theory, anatomy, philosophy and meditation training. In January 2018 she completed a 50-hour yin yoga training with Melanie McLaughlin in Paris, France. In her classes, Steph encourages her students to be playful and shake off preconceived notions of physical and mental strength, to be open to exploring without expectations.

Steph has been a delight to work with – her quest for knowledge and personal growth has allowed her to blossom into a dynamic, creative and compassionate yoga teacher... Steph’s warm and bright personality saw her quickly become a much-loved teacher amongst our students.
— Nicole Walsh, InYoga Founder


  • Vinyasa flow - fluid sequencing, linking dynamic movement and breath

  • Power yoga - strong and steady with a focus on core and balance poses 

  • Align yoga - slower pace with a focus on correct posture and alignment 

  • Restorative - longer held poses to release tension in connective tissue

  • Pranayama - breathing techniques to calm the mind and nervous system

  • Meditation - mindfulness techniques for mental focus and clarity